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The reason why this site was created was to create a seperate place where toys, useful things and more importantly, useful documentation for 3rd parties to create their own things that interact with Channel4.

Initially this is going to have very few things, at the moment we are slowly rebuilding the software that drives the boards, as Kareha's codebase isn't practical when you have ~20 or so boards. By no means consider it inferior, just slowly becoming unsuitable as things change and get bigger. We've already provided huge changes to Kareha's code (RSS, better admin tools, better spam handling to name a few), and even with a change of code, we'll still continuing doing so.

All the tools and features here are all considered "unstable" or "beta", so you use them at your own risk. If they do break, for whatever reason, get in touch with whoever made it so we can get around to fixing it. At this point in time we won't be providing a seperate board for this purpose, but you're welcome to bring forth discussions on the Requests board in the meantime.